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Mysidia Site Directory

Here is a list of sites that run on the Mysidia Adoptables Script. Feel free to take a look at what others have done.

LinkSite StatsDescription

Site Name Crystal Hollow
Owner Nyxi

A fantasy based adoptable site where players are Apprentice Mages. As each member masters so many familiae lines they "level up". Exploration and quests depend on the fantastic nature of the site. All adpotables are original species.

Site Name Silvadopts
Owner Silverdragontears
Date Launched 06/09/2011
Version Mys v1.2.3

SilvAdopts is set in the misty woods where there are unique breeds of foxes and other creatures living among the woods. New species are discovered frequently.

Site Name Tales of Dragons
Owner Silverdragontears
Date Launched 03/20/2012
Version Mys v1.3.1

Tale of Dragons is set in a misty forest where there are unique breeds of dragons living among the woods. New species are discovered frequently.

Site Name Felkyo Creatures
Owner Ruinily
Date Launched 03/10/2011
Version Mys v1.2.1

This is a world of randomness that is constantly evolving, at the moment you can have fun hunting down various mostly original mythical creatures from a living toilet to a crystal pet that changes depending on the time of day and the weather.

Site Name MyxiPlanet
Owner Stargirl
Date Launched 03/26/2012
Version Mys v1.3.1

MyxiPlanet is a world of dream horses. Breed your Myx and discover amazing species, while exploring a magical world of mystery.

Site Name Ratties FTW
Owner Beatrice C
Date Launched 03/19/2012
Version Mys v1.3.1

Ratties FTW! is an adoptable gaming site completely dedicated to one of the best pets in the world; the Fancy rat. Full of realistic markings and colors, a great chance to explore, the ability to start your own breeding rattery and a nice community of fellow rat lovers, what more can you ask for?

Site Name Midnight Howl
Owner MaximumRide
Date Launched 04/17/2012
Version Mys v1.3.1

Midnight Howl is a site all about wolves! You can breed your wolves, trade them, and meet other users that enjoy Midnight Howl's wolves!

Site Name The Pokemon Ranch
Owner Alaric
Date Launched 04/18/2012
Version Mys v1.3.1

Sign Up for Version 1.0 of The Pokemon Ranch! You can adopt, own and breed Pokemon online, and the best part is that it's completely FREE!

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