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Hall of Famer (Owner / Senior Coder)
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Tequila (Template Design)
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fadillzzz (Coder)
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Anna (Coder)
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About Mysidia Adoptables

Mysidia Adoptables is the one and only free adoptables script to use on your site. The script allows you to create an adoptables/pets site of your choice, either for personal use or business purposes. Installation for Mysidia Adoptables is simple, and you may also use modifications/extensions from our support forum to make an even more customized site. Sites made with Mysidia Adoptables are easy to manage and maintain, the dev staff team has been actively working on new features of this script so it will only get even better with time. Mysidia Adoptables also offer fast and satisfactory supports from its forum, you are welcome to ask questions or offer suggestions there.

For aspiring coders, you are more than welcome to edit script files of Mysidia Adoptables without redistributing the codes to anywhere outside of Mysidia Adoptables community. You may, however, create custom modifications and submit them at our 'Addons/Modifications' subforum. You can also create your custom themes for Mysidia Adoptables either for your own interest or public use. Users who have been contributing significantly to the development of Mysidia Adoptables software and the growth of its community will receive Premium membership, but such privilege may be removed for violating our terms of services.