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Old 08-06-2014, 10:17 PM
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Default Felis: Fab Kitties

We have some really dropdead gorgeous kitties for you, purrrrfect pet art that we know you're going to love!

Come play on Felis!

Felis FAQ

1. How do I play?

All Pets here begin as babies, and they will grow and mature on their own for the most, but you do need to go to the Nursery and help them be born, in three days! Then they will mature the rest of the way on their own!

There are items that will Birth or even fully Mature them, however, if you just cannot wait! :)

Felis years are 4 of our days, so:

4 days = 1 year
4 days x 10 = 40 days or 10 years
8 days x 10 = 80 days or 20 years

Females cannot breed past 20 years, males are unlimited!

The place you will get a full view of your pet is your 'Full Profile' page -- called the Stats page.

There is where you will see all your pets and items and toys added!

The objectives here are to breed beautiful Pets, merging and combining the different markings of the parents to create amazing children! -- and to obtain and breed rare versions of the Pets here, as well as get them to very high Status, which will have more and more incredible markings!

Every Pet will have its Value as well, and this all plays into the skill as well as sheer luck of the breeding. Some things are passed down, such as the parent's Value - and the markings. But a new Pet from the Pet Center could come out with a very high or a very low Value rating!

2. So I bought a background, and toys, and now I need to swap out the background. Do I really have to lose all I had on there?

At the present time, yes.

For this reason when you make a purchase, you receive 5 of that item. This is a special 'bonus' from us, to give you plenty to work with. We want you to have fun here, and we are working on this situation of the 'stripping' of items and backgrounds.

Unfortunately right now, with our present coding, this is how it works.

3. How old do I need to be to play here?

13, at the minimum.

4. What all is allowed on the Forum Community?

Sharing, Advertising Trades and Sales,. Chatting with other members, and Roleplay.

Roleplay is allowed to strong PG-13 content. NO R, and NO NC-17 and beyond!

No strong foul language or graphic sexual terms and phrases and scenes. We may possibly add a section for the over 18 members at some point.

5. How many accounts can I have here?

Two Accounts.

Please notify us if you need to have more than this for some reason.

6. Breeding:

If two recessives are matched in mother and father, the marking will show to some degree. If they are not matched, they will generally not show in the young.

The mother's base is usually shown instead.

The First marking will be dad's first marking

The Second marking will be mom's first marking.

Remember rare Recessives may be at times purchased at the Markings shop!

7. Customs:

Four times a year we will release the Tokens that allow you to make Custom Pets.

Tokens may be bought, sold and traded among players at any time, but the releases where they are available happen only four times a year.

Customs may be made at any time a player owns a Token and activates it for that Breed.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, we will have releases that will be announced before hand.

Customs are subject to the same rules as the rest, but you are able to choose their look, and they also start with a much higher value rating than a Standard Pet.

They start with:

Value: 1000
Prowess: 500
Battle Points: 100
Show Points: 100

They are called Generation Ones, and everything else is called Standard. To determine the worth as far as Generation, all Standards that show all their bloodline in the Pedigree viewer are considered good bloodline.

Once a parent is off the viewer there, the value goes down in most cases.

The highest value are Gen Ones, Second and Third Gens.

Anything below that, you really cannot use Generation as a selling point.

8. Value and Ranking:

-1. Generation
-2. Value Score
-3. Show Score
-4. Battle Score

The list above shows you what determines the worth of a particular Pet.

But keep in mind there are other factors: Markings, Popularity, Rarity of the Breed or look ...

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Old 01-05-2015, 12:03 AM
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Missy Master is an unknown quantity at this point

Totally revamped!
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