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Old 08-26-2013, 09:51 AM
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Default Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.4[Security Release]

It's been a while since Mys v1.3.3 was released, and Mys v1.3.4 is finally ready to release. It is a significant improvement over Mys v1.3.3, and every user is encouraged to upgrade unless you have a heavily customized site. Mys v1.3.4 introduces the following new features:

1. Improved Object Oriented Architecture: Since the very beginning of Mys v1.3.0, the script has been moving towards the direction of OOP. Mys v1.3.4 takes another lead at separating controller and view from each other. From now on you will see both controller files from root directory and view files from view directory. This separation of concern will make programming flow more elegant and easy to follow. The introduction of PHP Collections Framework(PCF) also enforces good OOP practice.

2. Trade System Overhaul: Lately I wrote three blogposts about the new trade system, which is a lot more advanced than the old one. Admins now have full control of trades proposed on their sites. It's possible to trade multiple adopts/items, make public/partial trade offers, or even have staff members moderate trades. Of course, you can always set a list of restrictions for trade proposals so that it will not be abused.

3. Improved Theme/CSS Editor: This is a new feature I've already completed back in May 2013. The new theme editor allows admins to create header and body template files through ACP, as well as the css file for each theme. You will still need to manually upload image files such as banners and icons though. It is also possible to create additional CSS and Javascript for specific pages, the CSS editor does the trick for you.

4. Customizable Widget System: After Mys v1.3.3 introduced the basic site module system for sidebars, Mys v1.3.4 takes another leap for a complete customizable Widget System. You can now create modules for more than just sidebars, while you can even add your own widgets(such as a possible right-sidebar or your own navtabs/menu) to the site. With this, the script is starting to look more and more like a CMS for admins.

5. Enhanced Adopt-Level Control: One complaint about the old scripts is that managing adopt levels is difficult and tedious. In Mys v1.3.4, however, you can create multiple levels for each adoptable at the same time. You can also fully edit or even delete adopt levels at ease. The level settings, on the other hand, enables admins to control the behavior of the levelup.php page conveniently. You may specify adopt leveling pattern for quick population of levels for each newly created adoptables, its just this simple.

6. Miscellaneous Glitches Fixes: Mys v1.3.3 has a good number of bugs that require attention. In Mys v1.3.4, the following glitches are no longer present: (1) Profile Tabs incompatible with Dropdown Menu; (2) Cannot delete adoptables through ACP; (3) Adoption Center shows Fatal Error without available Petds; (4) Users can donate to themselves to earn money; (5) Baby Adopts with parents cannot breed; (6) Certain Item Functions not working properly.

Installation Guide:
1. Use ftp to Upload the entire folder Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.4 to your preferred directory, and change the name to whatever you like.
2. Change the CMD of folder "picuploads" to 777, together with its subfolders, this is required to enable user uploading images. Also change the CMD of the subfolders "cache", "compile" and "config" in your template folder to 777.
3. Rename the file config_adopts to config.php, otherwise the script will tell you config.php does not exist.
4. Access the installer script at "", follow the instructions and proceed.
5. Congrats, you've successfully installed Mys v1.3.4, cheers!

Note: The value pepper code can be generated from a website called:, it can be of any length and may contain symbols.Make sure to delete the file install/index.php after running this script, or your site is potentially at danger if this file is accessed by someone else. Also make sure your server is running on PHP 5.3.0+ and supports PDO, the latter is especially important.

Upgrade Guide:
An upgrader from mys v1.3.3 is available, and should be easy to use. To upgrade, simply upload all script files to your folder and overwrite the existing ones. The config file is named config_adopts.php by default, so your old config file should be safe. Now run the upgrade.php script to complete this task, shouldnt take more than 10 secs.

Do not use the upgrader if you have a site with heavily modified script! Mys v1.3.4 also has many significant changes over Mys v1.3.3, I am not sure if old addons/plugins will work but conversion should not be difficult no matter what. What can be sure is that the upgrader will not do its job if your script is highly customized, in this case you need to upgrade manually.

Forum Integration Guide:

First of all, make sure you have both fresh installation of Mysidia Adoptables and MyBB forum. Open the file /inc/config_forums.php, enter each empty field for the database info of your MyBB forum. Then Change the variable mybbenabled from 0 to 1. The very last step is to disable registration on the forum. It is all said and done, new users will have accounts created from both the adoptables site and the forum from now on. In Mys v1.3.4 they also log into site and forum accounts simultaneously! The forum stats is automatically updated whenever a new registration is completed, so there is no need for admins to update forum stats in ACP from now on. Note the forum integration has been upgraded and thus it should work with the latest version of MyBB. Lemme know immediately if it does not, I will take action asap.

Download Links(both .rar and .zip are provided):

4Shared Links:

Rar version:

Zip Version:

With Mys v1.3.4's release, it is about time to call Mys v1.3.x series end of life. This means that from now on the development team will be focusing on the next major version, Mys v1.4.0, which will be drastically different from Mys v1.3.x. Mys v1.3.x demonstrates a step by step process to convert a purely procedural script to OO script, it definitely isnt easy, which is part of the reasons why development has not been as fast as the old days. Nonetheless, all the efforts we've spent in the past few months have proved to be fruitful. The script is ready to move on the next big stage, and I promise a completely different picture from what you've already seen in the old Mys script. There will be no further development for Mys v1.3.x series. Still, within the 3-5 days after Mys v1.3.4's release I will be fixing glitches un-detected from my beta site, its possible a patched version will be available if the bugs are fatal.

Mys v1.4.0 will come with a full-fledged MVC architecture, it is projected to be highly object oriented. The new script will introduce several big new features such as Stats, ClanGroup, Multi-Alternate Images and ACP Overhaul, while other minor new features are still open for members to suggest/request. Please follow my blogposts if you are interested in these new stuff. You may also wish to reply to the Mys v1.4.0 features suggestions thread if you have a specific request to make. Since not all new features have been pre-determined for Mys v1.4.0 at this moment, anything is possible.

Have a great week everyone, I hope you enjoy the latest work from Mysidia Adoptables Dev Team.

Hall of Famer
August 26, 2013

Mysidia Adoptables, a free and ever-improving script for aspiring adoptables/pets site.

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