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Default Working as a coder

I've decided to officially make myself available for paid code work! Here's the rundown:

-Site coder-
Description: Working as an official coder on the site, including scripts and bugfixing. Unlimited script amount. Paid monthly (every 30 days).
Set price: $30

-Mod/addon pack-
Description: 3-5 mods/addons of similar or varying complexity
Base price: $20

-Single mod/addon-
Description: 1 mod/addon
Base price: $15

*A base price is subject to increase based on script complexity, with a maximum $5 increase. A set price does not increase based on complexity.

Public/Private scripts: My paid service is intended for private use (IE: An addon for your site(s) alone). For public mods/addons that are available to everyone, I still do those for free by request.
Before ordering: Before you send me any money, I require at least a basic description of the kind of scripts you want. I'm by no means a professional, and that way I can gauge what's possible and what's not. Based on how complex a script is, it will modify the price.
After ordering: I usually routinely check in to verify what features you may want or how you want things to work. Based on how complex a script is, it will modify the price.
Unlimited warranties: I test scripts before I send them to you, but I can't predict everything the user is going to do and sometimes there are oversights. Something wrong with the script? Let me know and I'll try my best to fix it for you, with no extra cost.
Payment: I accept all money through PayPal and accept 3 types of payment: before, half-and-half, and after. You're free to pick whichever you are most comfortable with. (This excludes the site coder option, which is before only)
Refunds: Unfortunately, I don't do them. Firstly because coding is a long, tiring process in most cases, and second because PayPal takes tax. Meaning, when you send me $20 I don't get that amount, I get $18 and some change. The same goes for sending money back, in which money comes out of my account that won't make it to you.

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