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Way back in 2014 I also asked that question and it seemed to be that you'd need to edit how promos work to be able to do things like have custom names, seeing as promos are handled by making the code in the promocode part of the admincp as well as designating what adopts belong to that code.

So IntoRain helped me with how to add a custom adopt from an image instead. That way you can control what species, the image used, the name, all the DB data. I remember it working pretty well back then so it should work now

Here you go:

It's a little more involved in the sense you make custom pages for the adopts, but it's definitely the most customisable option
It's been a long time. I had so much fun making a site back in 2016 that recently, when I started thinking about it again, I decided to come back and work on something small. It'll probably just be a personal project but who knows? We'll see, anyway.

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