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Trying this out. A couple of notes:

- Use the mediafire link for the files, not the one attached to the forum post (its broken/has tiny file size), for the files. (For the SQL, use the one attached to the forum post, as its not linked in the post itself.)
- There are a lot of unnecessary files in the zip, including *two* folders with a copy of the base Mysidia folders and zip files. There's probably a lot of other stuff also taking up unnecessary room, but oh well.
- After everything is in place and the SQL has been imported, head into inc/config.php to put in your database info.
- Create an account like an ordinary user, then go into adopts_users in the database and change the usergroup to 1 as instructed. (And paste the salt and password from your new account into the Admin entry, tbh.)
- Trade/publics page will throw a fatal error because it's trying to find items and users that don't exist because there the adopts_trade table in the database has contents referencing trades from the OP's site. Go into that table, check all, delete.
- The sidebar links OFFSITE to the OP's website for many of the links, rather than to a remote directory. You can either fix this by logging into the AdminCP to change the sidebar links or in the database adopts_link table. (Be sure to click "show all" as there are 47 rows here and not all may be displayed!!) Just remove the OP's direct website link from all the links.
should become
- There are a few more locations that the OP's website is directly used as the link, so these should be changed:
colorchoose.php on lines 20, 22, and 24
colorchoose_color.php on lines 65, 66, and 67
classes/class_breeding.php on lines 202 and 204
classes/class_trade.php on line 57
(If you have a nice file editor, it should be safe to replace all instances of "" with "" in all files. You shouldn't need to fill this in with your own website's url.)

- - -
Now that the site is up enough to be visited, I went in and fixed the notice issues manually (if you have these muted, these notice "errors" won't show up). Most of these errors have to do with variables being used without being defined first (because PHP is usually smart enough to fill these with empty values if they aren't defined, but if you have the settings on to let it complain, it sure will). If you want to leave your hosting's error view on so you can pinpoint your problems more easily, here's all the fixes:

- In classes/class_guirenderer.php on line 184, change
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
if(isset($this->thematicBreak)){ $this->renderThematicBreak(); } 
- In classes/class_radiolist.php on line 43 change
PHP Code:
public function add(RadioButton $radio$index = -1){ 
PHP Code:
public function add(GUIComponent $radio$index = -1){ 
- In classes/class_pagination.php on line 51 replace
PHP Code:
if($margin || $padding){ 
PHP Code:
if(isset($margin) || isset($padding)){ 
- In classes/class_ownedadoptable.php on line 548, replace
PHP Code:
   if ( $this->background
PHP Code:
   if ( isset($this->background) ) 
- Same file, in classes/class_ownedadoptable.php, there are several undefined variables throwing a notice, so lets go up to line 547 and just add
PHP Code:
$marking=""$marking1 ""$marking2 ""$marking3 ""$marking4 ""$marking5 ""$marking6 ""
- In clases/class_petview.php on line 74, add
PHP Code:
$stats ""
immediately before the foreach loop starts (not inside it, before it).
- In classes/class_router.php on line 176, 177 and 180, replace
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
- make sure not to lose any closing ) if your text editor has a not-smart typeahead.
- In view/levelupview.php on line 48 $gender has not been defined. Add line
PHP Code:
$gender ""
- In view/pageviews.php on line 6 replace
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
if(isset($this->flags)){ $this->redirect(3"../../index"); } 

- - - - - -

That said -- I got everything installed and I'll continue to poke around a little. Thank you for providing your source code!

I wish it came with example items, lol~
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