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Angry Starting a MyBB free forum Host Website..

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to start a free forum host with MyBB's mnultiforum script I purchased a long time ago here but I was looking for someone who was interested on doing it with me.

I don't have much time to do all the installations and configurations by myself because I'm starting a web hosting company so I'm still configuring the dedicated servers, cpanel and whmcs stuffs..

If I'm not wrong the new version of mybb multiforum script is able to set individual domains for a forum, if that's correct it would be perfect since I got an account on so I can offer domain registrations from my hosting & give some free domains on special events or w/e..

I'm able to offer free unlimited hosting for this project, plus if you need a personal hosting account that would be no problem for me and a free domain.

I really want to see this project come true, but I need someone who wants to start a free forum hosting to help me, I believe this is a great opportunity for those who want to have a forum hosting website but don't have the resources to start it, as I said I'm giving free unlimited hosting and domain for the multiforum hosting website plus free unlimited hosting and domain for the person who helps me with this project.

Please, if you're interested don't PM me, reply to this post, it will be much easier for me to read ur replies here.

Thanks !!