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Default A Wordpress theme for Mysidia Adoptables?

Well it seems that the forum blog is kinda broken, and its to be expected since it is a very old script. I am currently thinking about using WordPress for Mysidia Adoptables Blogs in future, mostly for introducing new features as well as explaining the details of what is coming in each major/minor releases that the announcement thread will not be able to cover in depth. It will come in handy. I've already set up a dummy blogs site with WP now, although it has no content yet and the theme is quite primitive since it uses WP's default.

But I am just a coder, not a theme designer. So I wonder, anyone is up to the task of designing a Wordpress theme for Mysidia Adoptables? I dont have very strict requirements but it should look like the main site(the color scheme, the background image, etc), on Please PM me if you are interested, you will be very well appreciated and compensated.

Mysidia Adoptables, a free and ever-improving script for aspiring adoptables/pets site.
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