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Missy Master 05-27-2021 07:33 AM

Forum Not Showing?
Ok this is an odd error and I am sure I am missing some very easy thing.

When I install the myBB ( or even a SMF Forum!) on my domain, say in /Forum - and the main Pet site is on the main --

The Forum does not show.

It just shows the index page for the Pet site, even on /Forum.

It's been a while and I am a little rusty on all this, anyone have any ideas?

I also tried the integration config and all that, but pointless since I can't get the Forum to even come up xD

Hall of Famer 05-27-2021 08:52 AM

Well you need .htaccess files for your forums, as Mysidia main site has a .htaccess that rewrite every url in the domain to index.php. You may as well just copy the .htaccess file from the /install folder from Mysidia Adoptables, or rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess for MyBB forums.

Missy Master 05-27-2021 09:37 AM

Thank you so much, I felt silly on this one because I had a feeling it was gonna be SO simple hehehe

Missy Master 05-27-2021 10:11 AM

Brilliant, comes right up now :)

What would I do without you HOF x

Hall of Famer 05-27-2021 10:32 AM

You are welcome. But yeah, check if theres htaccess.txt file in any software you will install alongside with Mysidia, rename it to .htaccess will do for most of the time.

Missy Master 05-27-2021 10:56 AM

Gotcha! Will do. This was important to learn.

LUC1G07CH1 05-27-2022 01:24 AM


LUC1G07CH1 05-28-2022 02:22 AM

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