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Old 02-07-2017, 06:15 PM
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Default How to subtract a value

This is a very noobish question, but how do you properly subtract a value from all rows in a table? I've tried this:
PHP Code:
$mysidia->db->update("owned_adoptables", array("mood"  => -2)); 
Which changes the value to -2 rather than subtracting 2. And I've tried this:
PHP Code:
$mysidia->db->update("owned_adoptables", array("mood"  2)); 
Which doesn't do anything.
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Old 02-07-2017, 08:43 PM
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You'll have to get the current value(s) first and then subtract. The update function just sets the variable to whatever you tell it to, but cannot math at it.

This would be an example of how to reduce the current user's money:
PHP Code:
$moneyleft $mysidia->user->money $cost;
$mysidia->db->update("users", array("money" => $moneyleft), "username = '{$adopt->owner}'"); 
Going off that, I can do this (but I'm not sure where your code is so this example goes over the top - I'm specifying exactly which adoptable's mood is being modified):
PHP Code:
$adopt = new OwnedAdoptable($aid);
$mood $mysidia->db->select("owned_adoptables", array("mood"), "aid = '{$adopt->getAdoptID()}'")->fetchColumn();
$mysidia->db->update("owned_adoptables", array("mood" => $mood 2), "aid = '{$adopt->getAdoptID()}'"); 
But, again, that might be overboard. The above should work on 'any' page, theoretically. However, $this->adopt->mood might grab the value just fine in levelup.php, or in class_ownedadoptable.php, $this->mood. I'd personally recommend creating a function in class_ownedadoptable.php and calling that from whatever page you need. As mood is a custom variable, you should list it at the top of class_ownedadoptable.php with the other variables if you haven't yet.

PHP Code:
// using "$this->adopt->" in levelup.php:
$mysidia->db->update("owned_adoptables", array("mood" => $this->adopt->mood 2), "aid = '{$this->adopt->getAdoptID()}'");

// or perhaps just "$this->" in class_ownedadoptable.php:
$mysidia->db->update("owned_adoptables", array("mood" => $this->mood 2), "aid = '{$this->aid}'"); 
Please do not contact me. I cannot offer tech support on any coding I've done prior to 2018.

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Old 02-07-2017, 09:31 PM
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You can also create your own database function to add that functionality from mysql to Mysidia, so you avoid having two transactions, select and then update


PHP Code:
//add this function
public function update_decrease($tableName, array $rows$value$clause NULL){

//modify query function - added $value = NULL
private function _query($tableName, array $data$operation$clause NULL$value NULL){
if ( ! 
            throw new 
Exception('Argument 1 to ' __CLASS__ '::' __METHOD__ ' must be a string');

// added "update_decrease" to this list
if ( ! in_array($operation, array('insert''update''update_decrease''select''select_distinct''delete'))){
            throw new 
Exception('Unknown database operation.');
// <new code>
if(!$value) {
$query call_user_func_array(array(&$this'_' $operation '_query'), array($tableName, &$data));
        else {
$query call_user_func_array(array(&$this'_' $operation '_query'), array($tableName, &$data, &$value));    
//</new code>
if ( ! empty($clause)){
$query .= ' WHERE ' $clause;
//The comments can be removed for debugging purposes.
        //echo $query;
$stmt $this->prepare($query);

        if ( ! 
$error $stmt->errorInfo();
            throw new 
Exception('Database error ' $error[1] . ' - ' $error[2]);

$this->_total_rows[] = $stmt->rowCount();

//add this function, under _update_query() maybe to keep everything together
private function _update_decrease_query($tableName, &$data, &$num){
$setQuery = array();
        foreach (
$data as $field){
$setQuery[] = '`' $field '` = `' $field "` -" $num;
'UPDATE ' $this->_prefix $tableName '
                  SET ' 
implode(', '$setQuery);

Now you can do stuff like

PHP Code:
//decrease mood of every owned adoptable by 2
$mysidia->db->update_decrease("owned_adoptables", array("mood"), 2);

//decrease mood and totalclicks by 1, when an adoptable has totalclicks = 1
$mysidia->db->update_decrease("owned_adoptables", array("mood""totalclicks"), 1"totalclicks = 1"); 

It depends on your taste. I've been adding some things from mysql to mysidia's database class in the last few days, that's why I'm giving this option xD
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Old 12-04-2018, 05:28 AM
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Yeah ... that's great ! Thank you for sharing this
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