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After going through the 1.1x mods section, it was bare bones and lacked a lot of features we have in the script today. Here's what it didn't have in a fresh install:
  • original owners
  • breeding system
  • inventory
  • "who is online" page
  • user avatars
  • search
  • managing user's pets from the adminCP (gifting, editing, and deleting)
  • trade system
  • pet genders
  • png images for adoptables
  • GD library support
  • The ability to view all promocodes
  • pound system
  • adoptables shop
  • breeding system
  • any currency
So yeah, it was missing basically everything, lol. All of the things I listed had to be modded in by various users. The code looks a lot different too, and it wasn't as simplified as it is now.
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