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Bumping this to showcase the new site(s)...
Tumblr Hub (Each character has/will have their own page, so far the following characters have tumblrs: Kaitlin, Griever, Amiko, and Kona).
Official Website

the novel
Destined Stars was originally going to be a 2500 word short story called "Tiger Girl, until it took on a life of itís own. Very little has changed plot wise, and a lot of information and filler has been added. It is on it's second full re-write as I have further fleshed out characters, plot, places, history, and much more.

Destined Stars starts in a small town in California, and from there journeys to Tokyo, Japan. Kaitlin and Griever do their best to uncover the truth about what is tearing the clans apart, trying to save their families and theirselves along the way.

Destined Stars takes place in an alternate universe, some similarites will exist between our timeline and the timeline of the story. description
She is almost the last of her kind. He is a warrior from a large family. Together they must protect each other from the pain and pleasure of being different.

Supernatural - Fiction Rated: T - English - Action/Adventure/Romance
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