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Hall of Famer 03-25-2013 06:16 PM

Official Mys v1.4.0 Ideas & Suggestions Thread
Since the release of Mys v1.3.3, the next major release Mys v1.4.0 has been moved on to the planning stage. There will still be a minor release Mys v1.3.4 for the Mys v1.3.x series, but development for both Mys v1.3.4 and v1.4.0 will be done in parallel.

So far, the planned features for Mys v1.4.0 are:
1. Complete MVC Architecture for codebase
2. ACP Overhaul(see another sticky thread for reference)
3. Flexible Adopt Stats System
4. Clan-group System
5. Multi-Alternate Image System
6. Brand new user-friendly Installation Wizard
7. Improved User/Usergroup Manager and Permission System

If you have new ideas to bring up, or want to say something about those planned features, please lemme know by replying to this thread.

Hwona 03-25-2013 06:55 PM

How about the suggested random egg obtainer/generator and lineages?
I'm not sure if the lineage thingy will work. :3

GuardiansWish 03-26-2013 07:30 PM

I am EXTREMELY excited for multiple alternate images. Do you know if there will be a new maximum or if it will be unlimited? Just curious ^^

Nemesis 03-27-2013 12:44 AM

Statuses like hunger, hygiene(grooming), happiness, health(fitness) etc... If these stats drained daily visitors would have to take care of their pets or they run away die etc...

Opens doors to a lot more items.

Also stats. like Attack, defense, weight, height, intelligence etc... even if they dont do anything randomly generated stats will make more rare adopts and open item possibilities. Users will love to see/check them and its a great teaser for upcoming battle system.

Hall of Famer 03-27-2013 03:31 AM

@ Wallie987:
I will think about this. The concept of Egg Generator/Randomizer is easy, but its difficult to design a customizable generator. There is a chance that it will come out as a Plugin/Mod for those who need it too.

@ GuardianWish:
There will not be a maximum, theoretically you can define as many alternate forms as possible. If you actually pay attention to how the new breeding script works, you will know that it is totally doable. I wont recommend more than 10 alternate forms though for server load considerations.

@ Nemesis:
Time-based stats are infeasible unless I find a way to get the scheduled tasks feature done using pseudo cron-jobs. It may be possible in future, but in Mys v1.4.0 this can be quite challenging.

And yes there will be a way to generate random stats. The new stats system will be able to handle both fixed and random portion of the stats. In fact, each stats can have a range($base value +- $random value) to differentiate adoptables. By Mys v1.4.0 there will be items to increase stats too, you can also set a limit on how many times a stats can be raised with items so that users wont abuse this feature by overpowering their pets.

Regarding battle system, I've planned it as a main new feature for Mys v1.5.0, while Mys v1.4.x will add the necessary pieces for a battle system gradually. Mys v1.4.0 will come with a stats system, Mys v1.4.1 will introduce elements and status ailments, while Mys v1.4.2 will introduce skills/moves. More plans will be unveiled in future after Mys v1.4.0 is complete.

Abronsyth 03-27-2013 05:22 AM

Awesome awesome awesome! Very excited about the stats, multiple alt. outcomes, and pretty much everything else.

Also looking forwards to the minor updates :)

Hall of Famer 03-27-2013 12:03 PM

Thanks Iris.

Edit: Added another feature for advanced user/usergroup permissions.

draugluin 03-30-2013 07:26 AM

means "Clan groups system" sorting pets in individual groups ?
if yes ... great.
if not, we need necessarily sorting in groups, which the user can create of their own.

Hall of Famer 03-30-2013 11:45 PM

Well Clan Group has nothing to do with adoptables sorting, it is similar to the social group system here on Mysidia's support forum. Users can create their clans/guilds and recruit other users. The usefulness of Clan Group will be more evident in future.

Kesstryl 05-14-2013 03:11 PM

Looking forward to all these changes. Will stats be managed APC? I'd like to customize mine for battles only (when that gets added in) and not mess with happiness, feeding, and all that stuff that makes logging in everyday a chore for players. Health I'd like to make a timer based recovery thing with the option to purchase an item from the shop for instant health.

*Edit* Clans are awesome! Yes Yes Yes!

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